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Desire to Clean
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Tarik Hamilton


Freelance Web Designer

It's cheap and it still looks nice! Sweet, man!

Hello and thank you for visiting! My name is Tarik Hamilton and I'm an aspiring computer engineer student. Having a deep appreciation for the internet (the power of information!) since before having a two-digit age, web design was something I was always attracted to. It wasn't long before I made my first Dragon Ball Z website .

The internet is a completely new medium that is very different from television and radio. The best part is, anyone join in on internet action! You don't have to have to be wealthy or a business to have a website; even a professional quality page can be me made for a child or by a child, there are no restrictions. I can help you get online with cheap flexible service and high quality design.

Web Design Philosophy

Just like humans, it's what's in the inside that counts.

After working on websites for over six years, I started to see that there were two types of designers. The one with large graphics, resource intensive, inflexible pages and the purists who exercise structure, highly accessible (for disabilities), but dreadfully dull. However, then there is the designer strives for both together; bringing accessibility to beauty and beauty to accessibility. I am one who strives for both. Sometimes less is more. Take Google for example—they're one of the most successful companies out there! Your website should be easy to view for everyone, including the blind (or even yourself)! I will always make sure your web page is up-to-date and displays consistantly across browsers.